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"Failed to import film profile" message when trying to import a film profile

There are two main causes for this issue:

The most likely cause is due to a mishandling of email attachments when multiple film profiles are attached to one email. The current solution is to send each film profile in a separate email. We're currently investigating the cause of this issue which has affected a very small percentage of users. We currently believe it to be a problem with some email clients that are creating invalid email attachments. If you are experiencing this issue when attaching multiple film profiles, please open up a support request so that we can gather more data on the issue.

The other less likely cause of this error message is that you are using a film profile that was exported using an older version of Plotter for Windows. You will need to re-export your film data using the latest version of Plotter for Windows to resolve this issue. The latest version of Plotter is as seen in the Help | About menu option.

Please contact for updating to the latest version of Plotter for Windows or to get your updated film profile files.

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